Credits for entrepreneurs

Today there are many who decide to venture and start their own business independently with the intention of improving their personal and work conditions. As well as, develop a business idea that they have been cultivating for some time. It is a way of being self-sufficient and creating your own place in the labor market of the moment.

Is there a way to finance your business?

Is there a way to finance your business?

For those people who are thinking of setting up their own business and investing in the development of an idea, there are a series of credits focused only on them, for people who for economic reasons have not been able to develop their businesses and carry them out.

It is a type of financing aimed at freelancers or companies , whether public or private, who wish to make some type of investment and do not have the economic capacity required for such investment. It really depends on the credit, the nationality of the company does not matter as long as the money is invested in national territory.


This type of credit for entrepreneurs offers the possibility of financing terms such as:

  1. Improve liquidity.
  2. Investments in new products or vehicles
  3. Acquisition of a company
  4. Housing rehabilitation.

In addition, these types of loans have fixed and variable interest rates. The choice of interest rate depends on the credit institution. Also, the repayment term varies from one to two years of lack.

These grants are requested directly with the credit institution, who will be responsible for granting the loan. As for compatibility with other credits, it is feasible as long as the amounts established by the EU itself are not exceeded.

Start up loans

Start up loans

It is always difficult to start a new business , from scratch, but it is true that more and more start up loans appear. There are many who bet on the creation of new companies, an investment in business ideas. These Start up loans are basically all those new companies with a stable business model. The advantages of start up loans are:

  • Belonging
  • New creation where you can create everything from scratch
  • Experience we gain in them
  • Investment in potential actions

On the other hand, all new businesses as such convey some kind of uncertainty and nervousness for the unknown. As well as a lower salary than developed companies and a higher level of work and responsibility. That is why, we facilitate the search for financing, we compare in different entities, the offers that best fit your type of business through a small questionnaire.